Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Lifing : The word itself suggest "happiness", when we thing about our life, we always think, it should be full of happiness, no tensions, no worries, no sadness, nothing but everything will not go in right way. There should always be a "?" mark in each and everybody's life. So, to live a happy life what is the secret formula. Nobody can say that. In each and every stage of our life, starting from "childhood" to "oldage" we came across different experiences and life taught us many things. When we start our day with the hope that everything will go on our way today and when night came we think "today is a bad day for me" and in the next day we think this will be the best day. Life continues this way. Its a natural process.
          Lets talk about the major tension of our life "Marriage". It starts with the term called "Engagement" and ends with "Marriage". In engagement we got a "ring"...........? that is "suffe-ring" and it continuous till our death. A Man always compromise in all stages. Suppose think that if there is a communication gap between a "husband" and "wife" i.e. they are not meant for each other and they are engaged in a relationship called "marriage" how can that relationship survive. If one person is totally not agree with another one, how can he cope-up. He will make himself sad always. His life become living hell. What will be the solution..... can anybody suggest. Whether he should "continue" that relationship or "leave it".
      I know that life is too short, and everybody should enjoy it. But how can a person enjoy life if he is not happy.
If you have any answer plz suggest me.